sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014


Hello !, after a long time I write again, I'm thinking about making some changes to poker.
I spent a lot of time to finish my studies, and if all goes well I will be analyst programmer, at year's end. A desired goal. A phase of my life.
As you know I have a family of 3 children, so it was really heavy to do so.
From the end of the year I will be totally free to devote my time to poker, to study this exciting and complicated discipline.
I'm deciding to play FR or switch to SH. Also I need to improve my strategy, I want to develop a game based on GTO and polish my postflop game.
I'm evaluating hands in poker forums from a recognized school, but I feel that it was time to jump from level to improve even more.
As online poker players know they are improving, developing his game and just about anyone can win today without improving daily.
Well, it's a short entry, but at least tell them as it goes.

I hope to write regularly,